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THE CONTENT EQUATION is a PR agency, specialising in content strategy, generation and management.

It's time to take your content to the next level


Top quality content is a critical part of any communications strategy. But with so much of it all around us nowadays, whatever you create and publish yourself needs to be as impactful as possible. Anything less is simply wasted effort.

We're passionate about helping businesses maximise the value of their content. We believe that there's so much more that can be done with it. All that's required is a little more imagination.


We'll get to know your communication ambitions. We'll help you explore different content options you might not have previously considered. But, above all else, we'll challenge you to think and act more like a publisher, always putting your audience's needs first.

We'll push new ideas and we'll help you write like a pro. But we will never lose sight of how the primary aim for anything you publish is to get someone to read it, not just to push a corporate message.


We'll advise on your content strategy and editorial planning, your audience engagement and your tone of voice. We'll look at whatever else is needed to create the content needed to elevate your communications activity and to help grow your business.

Along the way, if needed, we'll also provide everything you might expect from a traditional PR agency, including communications planning, media relations, thought leadership, copywriting, distribution and evaluation.

A bit about us...

In the best part of two decades spent in the professional services sector, I’ve gone from faxing out press releases to producing content ‘assets’ which can underpin printed collateral, live events, high-end video or media relations.

I've written on everything from audit quality to autonomous cars, portfolio working to pricing strategy, cyber security to the state of thought leadership.

I’ve seen a shift in the typical tone of voice. Where once one corporate appeared to speak to another, the modern preference is for the sound of one human being talking to another.

Throughout all of this, one thing has remained constant; the need to tell stories. Communicating information through the medium of story-telling has been a facet of human life since man started drawing on cave walls.

Somewhere along the line though, I think we came very close to forgetting this in the world of business. Faceless conversations, conveyed in a dry, technical and risk-averse tone of voice became the norm. We forgot how stories can inform, engage and delight in equal measure.

Simon Griffiths

Simon Griffiths

Thankfully, that’s changing now. Savvy brands are reminding us to engage on a personal level. The problem is that our audiences became a lot more discerning over the past few years. If our content is no good, that reader, listener, viewer or buyer will get what they need elsewhere.

There’s too much competition for them to afford us a second chance.

With years of experience across a range of content and communications activities, and a burning desire to tell the best stories, I can help, whatever your content and communications objectives may be.

Everyone thinks they’ve got a great story to tell. Let’s make sure you do.